Here's to New Beginnings!

February 7, 2016


For my birthday three years ago, Evan, my husband (boyfriend at the time), shipped me a box with seven creatively wrapped gifts. It arrived exactly seven days prior to my birthday with an instructions card that said to open one everyday until the day of my birthday. Each gift was meaningful, and each came with note or card...What a thoughtful idea! Yes, he is amazing!


Anyway, this post is about Day four. His choice for that day was a book: The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. It came with a note that read "To take your amazing mind, imagination and creativity to new heights!!! Here is to moving forward towards that positive, joy-filled life -- one of infinite possibility and opportunity!".


At the time, I started reading the book, got caught on other things and it ended up with another five or so books that I aspired to someday finish. Busy me postponed it. Was it a mistake? Perhaps it would have not been as impactful then? Who knows! The point is that lately, I have been making an effort to go through that pile on partially-read books, and yesterday I went back to The Four Hour Workweek with a serious intention to read it and and keep reading it until I finish it. Couldn't have come at a better time!  


I have been an optimistic risk-taker my entire life, but for some reason I have been holding back on launching Luv for Lux for the longest time. I like to think big, and I have come to discover that many of my really good ideas never make it to life because I refuse to start them small and then grow them progressively. So is the case of Luv for Lux; it started in my head as a blog, but the more I thought about it, the more it grew. It grew in my head before it was even born, and it grew so big that I decided to put it on hold.


Yesterday, The 4-Hour Workweek spoke to me: "convert each 'being' into a 'doing' to make it actionable. It changed my vision in regards to my 'small ideas grown impossible', and it made me realize that allowing my ideas to be initially small, would enable me to take small step towards making them bigger. So today, I am launching Luv for Lux. It is coming to life as a blog with the hope of progressively growing into a lifestyle brand that speaks to my audience, offering cool products, etc, etc...[insert big dream]. Here is to new beginnings!



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